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Private Citizen Eugene J. Kernan

Author; Activist; Publisher

image: Gene

Born the son of an Army Master Sergeant in Maryland, and raised in Texas, author/publisher Eugene J. Kernan has worn many hats. As a musician, concert promoter/performer and producer Gene spent nearly two decades, “on the road,” entertaining audiences from California to New York, Florida to Alaska, and now lives in Honolulu, Hawaii.

As a publisher in the early 80’s, Kernan was caught in the political crossfire between Phoenix and its municipal unions, and was driven out of business by a police department seeking to neutralize a police union; no longer able to meet business obligations, Gene was indicted for fraud, and through the representation of a court-appointed attorney later identified as one of the purported victims of his alleged, “crime,” was convicted on a plea bargain. Repeatedly told over the course of years that he had to, “learn the system,” he did just that.

After an initial 20,000+ hours of personal research, building upon decades of work by pioneers in the field of taxation response, Gene successfully forced the GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES to acknowledge his withdrawal from the federal benefit scheme.
Helping clients nationwide to use IRS records to establish their own non-liability, he developed the process he entitled "How to STOP the IRS", and first made it available on CD-ROM in 1999. An “upgraded” version of “How to STOP the IRS,” was released in late 2008.

A Competent Toastmaster, and a recognized expertise in semantics — the science of meaning in language — Gene draws upon considerable public speaking skills to take his audiences/students on a guided tour of the virtual reality that is, “administrative law,” explaining in easily understandable terms exactly how the, “US government,” re-defines key words and phrases as a means of accomplishing many ends which would otherwise be Constitutionally prohibited. “The words and phrases the government uses look and sound like words that the American People use every day,” says Kernan, “but the government’s words have different meanings, and achieve vastly different results.”

Gene can be reached at 602 504 3997, or you can just Google “Stop the IRS”; you’ll find him on Google’s “web” and “video” pages.