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"How to STOP the IRS" is Step 1 of a 2 step process for escaping unwarranted government intrusion into Private affairs. "How to STOP the IRS" is based on 12 Acts of Congress, other than and in addition to, the Internal Revenue Code, 85 U.S. Code provisions, 68 federal regulations, 55 U.S. Supreme Court decisions, IRS publications, GAO Reports, Department of Justice publications, with which IRS -- as a federal agency -- must comply. With each of these hyperlinked with each other, and the commentary of the author, the CD-ROM guides you through a virtual reality built out of presumptions, suppositions, and semantics, providing the means for you to officially enter a Sworn Affidavit on the IRS record, establishing your understanding of the law and its operation - or lack - on you. Accompanied by a cover letter granting a reasonable period of time for IRS to produce record evidence - records THE LAWS require them to produce - that official duties were in fact, performed to impose an obligation upon you, your Sworn Affidavit BECOMES A FEDERAL RECORD. Later, you'll use the knowledge you've gained to lock-into federal records the fact that IRS failed to produce the evidence to prove you liable.
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